Chartered Financials,


Multi National Global Accounting Firm.

Vancovuer, BC | Toronto, ON| Paris, France|Amsterdam , NL| Zurich Switzerland |Singapore SG| Dubai, UAE

Chartered Financials, is the Accounting & Finance Division, of The Swiss Capital Financials Group, which is the Partner & Holding Company Of a group of financial and Consulting Companies, Located In Vancovuer BC, Virtually all over the world. List of Services offered are Accouting Service:Corproate , Public & Small Businesses , Business Planning, Asset , Wealth, Financials: Private, Commercial Investments, Banking, Management Consulting, Real Estate Management, Alternative Investment, & Brokerage.

  • Its aim is to mobilize purchase of qualified & imported products by providing small private loans to "Qualified" cleints.

    Corporate , Institutional and Personal Tax Filer In Canada,

  • Business Planning
  • Book Keeping
  • Account Management for Business
  • Business Development, registration and Accounting services.
    International Taxation

    ISO 900X Compliance
    Lloyd Audit For Compliance
    SOX Compliance Consultation

    Corporate , Small And Mdeduim Buisness, Paternership, Venture Capital

    IFRS Standards In Accounting
    Startup Accounting
    SRED & Hedge Accouting
    Tax advice
    Management consulting


    Personal Taxation

    Prepared in Alliance with Major Accountig Firm, & IFRS Standards, by CPA / Pursuants. We Appreciate Your Interest In Our Serivces.

    Management Team.

    Our Partnering companies range from Engineering, Wealth Managment, Banking & Technology.

    We provide a comprehensive solution, thru Swiss Asia Global Investments Corporation(s), Chartered Financials, Financial Companies, Brokerages, Subsidiary Companies & Departments,covering business verticles to better assist you for success.