Swiss Capital Financials Group, is a multi national holding Company.

Our Multi-Channel, Digital E-commerce Strategy: Sales & Marketing,

The Swiss Capital Financials Group, is the Partner & Holding Company Of a group of financial and Consulting Companies, Located In Vancovuer BC, Virtually all over the world.
List of Services offered are Asset , Wealth, Financials: Private, Commercial Investments, Banking, Management Consulting, Real Estate Management, Alternative Investment, & Brokerage.

The Swiss Capital financials Group comprises of 22 partnering companies,

1. The Swedish World Wide,
2. Chartered Financials,
3. The Firm Yale,
4. VectorSpace
5. Aerovition Digital Inc.
6. Channel 17LM(live advertisement,news & Muse),
7. WebDakar Clinic,
8. The Dhaka City Pvt Ltd,
10. Swiss Francios Executive Residentials,
11. Aerovition Institute,
13. Swiss-Asia Investment Corporation
14. Beijing Dhaka Global Investment Corporation,
15. BizExec Professional Service,
16. AeroExpress,
17. 18.TheFutureize2200(Digital Advertisement for all verticals),
19. Actors' Firm, Referenceing ADC Threatre, at U of Cambridge,UK)
20. Sustainable NGO International (Non Profit NGO, International Assistance)
21. Quantum Telekommunikation und InternetX (Quantum Telecommunication & InternetX
22. The Firm Swedish Consulting
Over a 5 Fiscal Year, Our Combined projected successful execution gross is approximately, $500 M USD

We Appreciate Your Interest In Our Serivces.

Management Team.

The Following Domians are available for Sale, For Potential Business & Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment, Marketing , Consumer Retail Product Purchase-Sales Merchants,
Manufacturer, Companies or Potential High Return, Attractions.(Depending on Pricing, Packaged With A) Development Team of 5 ( Engineers+1 Progam Manager)
For A Miminum 6 Months Labor Contract,
(@480,000 £/6 Mo, in evey 6 months extenable) Per Domain With Each Domain Sale.
100 Domain Names, Net Domain Potential Earning, ROI 50 M £ ~68 M Labor Contract
Domain Name Worth at Miminum between £ -5.5M ~ $7.5M £ & 110 M £

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Each 1M USD

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