logoSwiss Capital Financials Group, is a multi national holding Company.

The Swiss Capital Financials Group, is the Partner & Holding Company Of a group of financial and Consulting Companies, Located In Vancovuer BC, Hague Holland, & Virtually in 14 countries . List of Services offered are Asset , Wealth, Financials: Private, Commercial Investments, Banking, Management Consulting, Real Estate Management, Alternative Investment, & Brokerage. We Appreciate Your Interest In Our Serivces.

Management Team.

Our Partnering companies range from Engineering, Wealth Managment, Banking & Technology.

We provide a comprehensive solution, thru Swiss Asia Global Investments Corporation(s), Chartered Financials, Financial Companies, Brokerages, Subsidiary Companies & Departments,covering business verticles to better assist you for success.

Tel By Appointment: Paris, France, Frankfort, Hamburg, Basel & Koln Germany:+316(06)306.97.446|Stockholm, Sweden :+41(0)722.97.6476. By Appointment: Amsterdam & The Hague, Netherlands: +316(06)306.97.446 | Brussels, Belgium:+316(06)306.97.446 By Appointment:Vancouver BC, 877.611.6130 ;Basel, Zurich & Geneva, Switzerland: +410.766.96.7993 |Copenhagen, Denmark:+41(0)12667751